In-House Linear TV & Radio You Control

Broadcast your own TV Channels and Radio programming under your own brand without restrictions.

Control the narrative within your building, campus, institution and Community and keep it private for members only or public for online worldwide access.


Curate & Broadcast Your Own Content

Broadcast your own exclusive content featuring your products and services or broadcast promotional, political, or paid programming. it's your network and you are the boss.

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Switch between Your Own Content and 500+ Human Curated Stations

Nothing in-house to broadcast today? Switch over and access over 500 pre-progammed live stations featuring the very best content available online and served up as a live broadcast to your audience under your brand.

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Direct Access Playout URLs for each Channel

Enjoy 4 Encrypted Direct Access Playout URLs you can point your devices and screens to. Use the same Playout URLs for web users and hardware devices.

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Web Distribution Embed Code

Handy embed code is available so you can copy and paste into any website or social media and reach the world.

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